Our Mission
Meticube conceives, develops and integrates mission critical IT systems. We provide value to our customers by incorporating innovation into reliable and sustainable solutions that meet the expectations of our customers.
What we do
Meticube provides products, solutions and engineering services for a wide range of applications such as Supervision, Control and Automation, Business Process Management, Business Intelligence, Enterprise Application Integration and Mobility.
Latest News
MOVAR Project
friday, 15 Jun. 2012
MOVAR is an EUREKA project that includes partners from Spain, Germany and Republic of Korea. The project’s goal is to develop a very flexible platform for creating augmented reality applications.


 2nd Review do Brainable

On March 13th, the 2nd review of our BrainAble project took place, at Barcelona Digital’s premises in Barcelona. The review was very successful, the project was considered by the three external reviewers and our Project Officer as "on track" and "on time". Now, having entered the last year, the project will focus on the following issues: expansion of functionalities in all major building blocks, integration of additional devices / services, dissemination of the project, development of an Exploitation Plan, and, last but not least, prototypic integration of our UCH Workbench / ON.IT as a remote management, supervision and control tool for the technical infrastructure.